Meghan and Harry – family tangles writ large



Meghan’s celebrity friends may be well intentioned but they are not making things better by spouting off in all directions. Of all people they should know that the less said, the sooner peace is restored as the media switches focus elsewhere. Feeding the flames will only spread the damage, especially when resentful family members exploit any opening to get their adrenaline shot of publicity.

Her father Thomas Markle, 18 July 1944 has his Cancer Sun exactly on Meghan’s Ascendant which suggests a powerful connection with him being drawn to her outer persona – her public image. It can also be competitive. That’s all the more likely given his controlling Pluto conjunct her Sun; and his Sun is also square her 4th house Pluto. She would have grown up feeling she was constantly dancing on his strings. His flamboyant Jupiter and Mars fall in her 2nd house, so he’s also likely to have his interest sparked by her finances. From the letter recently published it’s clear she has supported him with money in the past.

Their relationship chart has an argumentative, competitive composite Sun, Mars, Mercury in a showbizzy but mutually unsupportive square to Neptune (only room for one ego). Plus an emotionally cool Saturn (Moon) Venus conjunction.

His relationship chart with her mother is extra controlling with a composite Sun Pluto and an unfair-treatment Saturn square Mars, so a one sided relationship. And his tie to his other daughter Samantha, despite her protestations, isn’t that close.

Prince Harry is less bothered by Thomas Markle though he feels cornered by the situation. He is much more aggravated by half-sister Samantha whose volcanic Mars, Uranus, Pluto falls in Harry’s 8th house with her controlling and status-quo-upsetting Pluto Uranus conjunct his Virgo Sun. Her Saturn is in a cold and blocking square to his Moon. And her Neptune is conjunct his midheaven which will make her a subversive influence on his career. His relationship chart with Samantha has a ferociously argumentative composite Mars, Mercury, Sun, Uranus conjunction; and a chained-together Saturn square Pluto. And that shows no sign of getting less angry over the next several years.

It certainly explains one of the mysteries of Harry and Meghan’s relationship chart – of significant family woes  from a bleak, unyielding composite Moon square Saturn Pluto which has been elbowed recently by tr Uranus square the Moon; and tr Pluto will wend a discouraging path round all three planets till 2024.

Prince Harry doesn’t look too chipper this year with tr Pluto coming up to oppose his Sun/Moon midpoint from mid this month i.e. now, on and off till late 2020, which will produce a fair amount of inner conflict and questioning about what he wants from his marriage. That will be amplified by his Progressed Moon going through his 8th, from the time of his marriage last year right through till mid 2021, which is an emotionally intense time of searching for new values, swinging from extreme to extreme and can feel like being in purgatory or limbo, making him less inclined to be out in the spotlight. Plus a panicky tr Neptune square his 11th house Mars, making him indecisive about what comes next. He’s also got tr Saturn and tr Pluto moving through his 1st house which is a heavy duty combo and also fairly reclusive.

It’s such a shame just when he should be happy welcoming a new baby and the family he has always wanted.

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  1. With the imminent move to Frogmore Cottage Harry will likely become even more isolated from his family than he is now. The dynamic of his marriage could also change if Meghan lavishes all her attention on the new baby once it arrives leaving Harry out in the cold. Hard to tell at this stage if the marriage will stand the test of time but the outlook for the next few years does look pretty bleak.

  2. *Pluto in Capricorn opposes Meghan’s Ascendant and her father’s Sun ( both in Cancer), in the next couple of years, and triggers her father’s nodal axis a bit later. Chiron in Aries will oppose Meghan’s Libra stellium around the same time of the Pluto transits to her Cancer Ascendant…. I think Uranus in Taurus will square Meghan’s Leo/ Aquarius nodal axis very soon…could that be related to a new birth of Taurus child?

  3. Meghan’s father supported her in ways that he was, perhaps unable, to support his older kids. Surely, this is clearly indicated by Thomas’s Mars and Jupiter falling in Meghan’s second house of finance. Yes, Meghan will have given later financial support to her father, in part acknowledging the huge investment he made earlier; he paid for a private education, university fees etc… I think Meghan acknowledged the support her father gave her, in her blog ‘Tig’ (?). But this all fizzled out as she became known for her relationship with Harry. Are there no advisers in place on how to handle awkward family members? Remember Fergie’s father and the ‘masseurs’ – it was ‘gossip’ for just a weekend – then forgotten. The media are exploiting this family crisis, (I don’t think just one party is to ‘blame’). Pluto goes over Meghan’s ascendant and her father’s Sun next year which is not ideal. The online bullying, fuelled by the media, is totally out-of-control.

  4. It was always going to be highly contentious inviting so few of your relatives to your wedding – it riles them and is bad PR! The whole thing has been badly handled from the beginning and you are so right in that ‘friends’ speaking to the press is never a good strategy. Also wearing very expensive clothes, writing ‘you are special’ to sex workers is insensitive and highly offensive and rubs a lot of Brits the wrong way. Time will tell how it plays out but if I was an advisor to the Sussexes I would tell them to take advice to keep quiet and your head down for now, go on your maternity leave, come back in Autumn rewearing some of your clothes, buy some British high street stuff for engagements and try again but don’t be so ‘woke’ and right on

    • “Did you read the story about Meghan Markle demanding synthetic air freshener in a 14th century royal chapel? Or the one about her making Kate Middleton cry? Maybe you saw the tabloid report that she gave out weed at her first wedding or even enjoyed the unsourced conspiracy theories on social media that claim she’s the latest celebrity to fake a pregnancy?”

      Various newsline from various media sources.

      Frankly, it’s sickening to read the hens’ and crows’ opinions about what to wear…and when…and how. Whereas Kate, dear sweet Kate is all in tears. Let’s solve it by making another royal baby. Oh, we simply cannot forget Pippa with the pretty bum – THE English socialite, author, and columnist. How exciting to be an English socialite and expert on English gossip.

  5. Marjorie – Could it be that Harry feels a little bit left out with the new baby as I know sometimes fathers a difficult time adjusting

  6. An earlier post suggested that her father cloud have been paid to shut up and disappear. His attraction to $$$ might have been piqued. Too far along for that. There are those here on the blog and on the streets are looking for any reason to act like crows to circle and peck apart the marriage.

    It may end up doomed. And the circus audience claps and cheers for the next ampitheater act.

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