Hillary Clinton – sad family news


Hillary Clinton’s younger brother Tony Rodham has died.  He was at times during Bill Clinton’s administration in the White House accused of “leveraging his ties” for his own business advantage though he also helped with her campaigning.

Born 8 August 1954 he led a fairly wandered life, known for his general consulting work but he was also a prison guard, a private investigator, a repo man, an investor and an insurance salesman. He was a Sun Pluto in Leo (slightly similar to Bill) with his Pluto trine Mars in Sagittarius so not exactly a flexible personality.

Like most (many) family relationships there were good crossovers and not so great ones between himself and Hillary. His Venus in Virgo sits comfortably with her Pisces Moon and his Mercury was trine her Jupiter with possibly his Sagittarius Moon conjunct her Jupiter; and his Jupiter trine her Venus.  But both are/were exceptionally strong personalities and with his Sun conjunct her Mars Pluto Saturn conjunction  he’d find her defensive; and his Saturn in Scorpio was conjunct her Sun bringing another barrier.

Their relationship chart has a composite supportive morale-boosting composite Sun, Jupiter, Mercury but Saturn was also close by – so it also points to the up and down quality of their connection.

She has tr Saturn just on the cusp of her 3rd house which rules siblings at the moment (8 am birth time being accurate) which would make sense and confirm that time.

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  1. I’ve read several articles back in the early/mid-1990’s about the alleged trail of bodies that Bill Clinton has in his wake during his presidency. Bad luck? Wrong place/wrong time?

    • Hello Larry
      Have a look at some of the sites in my first post link. A lot of the deceased referred to were to testify against the Clintons or generally seen as a significant threat vector of some kind. The Grim Reaper, happily, popped up however, and saved the day for Bill n Hil….

  2. As you sow shall u reap.. Godvij heaven see everything and gives befitting punishments to such beasts.. Hillary Clinton is next in line for the grave..

  3. http://www.arkancide.com

    Hi Marjorie

    Arcancide is a word used to denote the impossibly large number of people over the years who have died mysterious deaths around the Clintons. Not saying her brother was one of them. They do seem to have a Borgia like quality. The ruthlessness of Pluto and Scorpio ?

    • Very fascinating Alex. There are people like this in ordinary life too. I’ve known three of them, all Sun Taurus with stelliums in Taurus. One has Pluto on the ascendant, the others have connections with the baleful fixed star, Algol. They are all lovely people too. But the number of sudden and often odd deaths around them is quite shocking.

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