Ben Roberts Smith – a very Scorpio fighter

Ben Roberts-Smith, Australia’s most highly decorated former soldier is the subject of a war crimes investigation by the Australian Federal Police over “questions of unlawful conduct concerning (Australia’s) Special Operations Task Group in Afghanistan”. He denies the allegations and is suing various media outlets for defamation in their subsequent reporting. His estranged ex-wife has now emerged to suggest he buried classified material on flash drives in their back drive.

  Born 1 November 1978 in Perth, he has a New Moon in Scorpio in a confident square to Jupiter; as well as Uranus, Venus, Mercury, Mars in Scorpio so an emotionally intense stellium of dogged determination. Not a man to take slights and accusations lying down.  He has Jupiter in flamboyant Leo trine Neptune, sextile Pluto so super-ambitious, not always realistic. His Neptune is also in a can-be-uncertain square to Saturn in hard-working Virgo.

  He isn’t looking too upbeat ahead with a hopes-dashed tr Neptune opposition his Sun/Jupiter midpoint till early 2023 plus a couple of ratchety Sun midpoints catching the tr Uranus square tr Saturn this year; and a trapped, frustrating tr Pluto square his Mars/Node in 2022/23 with more panics in 2023/2024.

I think it was the Egyptians who reckoned the two best signs for military leaders were Scorpio and Leo.

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