Two Eclipses mark out June as a significant month of heightened awareness and not a few challenges. A light-hearted and chatty Gemini Sun and Venus will keep the mood upbeat most of the time but there will be challenges. Eclipses are not disasters but they do bring a hint that change will bring growth and revival ahead. Whereas trying to amble along as before will only lead to crises.

The Lunar Eclipse on the 5th, a powerful Full Moon, is in Sagittarius opposing the Sun, so there will be a pull in opposite directions, with a need to find a way of rising above a conflict to find a third way out of tensions. It will require balancing the needs of head and heart, no easy mater. And not just for the day but for a few months ahead.

There will be outspoken views expressed with Mars around and a few plans that don’t work out mid-month. So it’ll require determination to stay on track. Mercury going retrograde for thee weeks on the 18th in Cancer won’t help since it always slows communications and agreements.

Just as the Cancer Sun turns up it forms a Solar Eclipse (a powerful New Moon) on the 21st which is in a Saros cycle associated with restrictions, inhibitions, separations and illusions. Getting over confident or over enthusiastic is not advised since impulsive actions won’t work out. Patience will be hard to find but will be wise over coming months.

The family-oriented Cancer Sun continues on as per normal for four weeks, rattled a touch as Mars moves into assertive, argumentative Aries on the 28th to stay for several weeks. But the month will end on a high note with a super-successful Jupiter Pluto conjunction in Capricorn. There may be a hint of ‘might makes right’ in the ether but on the whole it’ll bring a surge of positivity.


3: Venus in Gemini square Mars in Pisces – passionate though not overly sensitive.

Sun conjunct Venus in Gemini – charming, romantic, affectionate, frivolous.

5: Mercury in Cancer sextile Uranus – bright ideas, lively chat.

Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius – pulled in two directions.

6: Sun square Mars in Pisces – active, irritable, outspoken.

11: Sun square Neptune in Pisces – vague, dreamy, low energy, evasive, kind.

13: Mars conjunct Neptune in Pisces – can feel like failure as plans don’t work out; or it attracts glamour and publicity.

18: Mercury retrograde in Cancer until July 12th – communication hitches and glitches.

Mars sextile Pluto in Capricorn – depth of understanding, determined.

20: Mars sextile Jupiter in Capricorn – lucky, adventurous, energetic.

Sun into Cancer for four weeks – emotional, self-protective, creative, ambitious, family focused.

21: Solar Eclipse in Cancer -a powerful New Moon – needs focus and the ability to face up to unfamiliar change.

23: Neptune retrograde in Pisces until late December – subtle shift, not really noticeable.

25: Venus in Gemini direct – more sociable and outgoing.

28: Mars into Aries until early January – an unusually long time in one sign with a long retrograde in the middle – pro-active, assertive, can be aggressive or overly impulsive.

Mars sextile Saturn – disciplined, hard-working, irritable.

30: Jupiter conjunct Pluto in Capricorn – positive thinking plus determination produces good luck. Super-confident, successful but also a touch too pushy.

Mercury sextile Uranus – inspired, chatty.


Jupiter in Capricorn from December 2nd 2019 to December 2020. Capricorn is money-minded, ambitious, traditional, practical. In astrology it rules business and governmental systems. Can be creative.

Saturn: In Capricorn from December 20th 2017 till March 22 2020, and again July 2nd to December 17th – usually coincides with a time of some financial shortages and the need to push ambitions ahead with persistence. Puts a toe into Aquarius in late March for three months, and moves in for two years plus from December 2020 onwards – it is serious thinking, helpful for science, steadier emotionally though cold.

Uranus: From March 2019 for seven years in Taurus – changing attitudes to handling of money, possessions and resources especially in agriculture and our attitude to nature.

Neptune: In Pisces from February 2012 for thirteen years – religious, spiritual, has resonances with Muslim history.

Pluto: In Capricorn for sixteen years from Nov 2008 till 2024 = complete deconstruction and reconstruction of global economic and commercial structures and systems, as well as major changes in way in which governments work. In past times of Pluto in Capricorn (approximately every 250 years) there was territorial domination on a grand scale by charismatic leaders and ultimately a time of culture, learning, justice and prosperity.


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