A Solar and a Lunar Eclipse will make this a more significant than usual month, with heightened anticipation and a sense of challenges which need to be risen to over coming months.

The Cancer Solar Eclipse, a powerful New Moon on the 2nd, sets a theme for the next six months of one particular arena in individual’s lives which needs addressed and changes put in place. The New Moon is a time of new beginnings, of sowing the seeds of what should grow in the time ahead. A complicating factor is that Saturn and Pluto are in the opposite sign of Capricorn which the Cancer Sun will meet in the second week. This will bring delays, and restrictive circumstances which need to be overcome.

Then the Lunar Eclipse, a powerful Full Moon on the 16th in Capricorn, hints at a need for balance, for example between independence and interdependence, between focussing on detail and thinking big, between home and career ambitions, between friends and loved ones, between service to self and service to others. This is another theme which will run for the six few months, in an area of life determined by your birth chart.

From July 1st as well Mars moves into flamboyant, entertaining and opinionated Leo meeting with a fiery and volatile square to Uranus on the 11th, which will tend to lead to impulse decisions and reckless actions or reactions.

Not a quiet month. Venus is also in home-loving and self-protective Cancer from the 3rd until the 28th. Mercury in Leo goes retrograde in Leo on the 7th for just over three weeks, reversing into Cancer on the 19th – this will bring the usual communication hitches and glitches.

An enthusiastic Mars Jupiter on the 25th is followed by a surprising Sun Uranus on the 29th so it’ll continue to be stay-alert time.


1: Mars into Leo until August 18th – noisy, attention-seeking, colourful, self-confident, assertive.

2: Solar Eclipse (New Moon) in Cancer – new beginnings but ones which need to be followed through for several months.

3: Venus into Cancer until 28th – good for home and family relationships tho0ugh can be hyper-sensitive about criticism.

7: Mercury retrograde in Leo until August 1st – irksome delays in messages coming back.

8: Venus sextile Uranus – sociable, flirtatious, fun.

Mercury conjunct Mars – outspoken, argumentative, heated discussions.

9: Sun opposition Saturn in Capricorn – negative, slow-going, setbacks, mistakes need sorted.

11: Sun trine Neptune – dreamy, kind

Mars square Uranus – overly-excitably, uncompromising, tends to leap into action to prop up self-esteem but not always wisely.

14: Sun opposition Pluto in Capricorn – tensions, challenges, need effort to overcome inertia or obstacles

16: Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon) in Capricorn – pulled in two directions.

17: Venus opposition Saturn – separated in love, duty before pleasure.

18: Venus trine Neptune – dreamy, dreamy, kind

19: Mercury retrogrades into Cancer, stays in Cancer until August 11th though goes direct on 1st – imaginative, sensitive, soaks in information and feelings.

21: Venus opposition Pluto – seductive, manipulative, possessive

Sun conjunct Mercury – in mental overdrive, scattered

23: Sun into Leo for four weeks – sociable, playful, fun-loving, attention-seeking.

25: Mercury conjunct Venus – charming way of speaking

Mars trine Jupiter in Sagittarius – high enthusiasm and energy, confident, good for starting new projects.

28: Venus into Leo until August 21st – romantic, outgoing, upfront about feelings, sociable.

29: Sun square Uranus – unpredictable, sudden surprises, want freedom.


Jupiter into its own sign Sagittarius for a year from November 8 2018 until December 2019. Sagittarius is sporting, active, well-travelled, likes foreign cultures and countries; can also be philosophical, thoughtful, well-informed and narrow-minded.

Saturn: In Capricorn from December 20th 2017 till 2020/21 – usually coincides with a time of some financial shortages and the need to push ambitions ahead with persistence.

Uranus: From March 2019 for seven years in Taurus – changing attitudes to handling of money, possessions and resources especially in agriculture and our attitude to nature.

Neptune: In Pisces from February 2012 for thirteen years – religious, spiritual, has resonances with Muslim history.

Pluto: In Capricorn for sixteen years from Nov 2008 till 2024 = complete deconstruction and reconstruction of global economic and commercial structures and systems, as well as major changes in way in which governments work. In past times of Pluto in Capricorn (approximately every 250 years) there was territorial domination on a grand scale by charismatic leaders and ultimately a time of culture, learning, justice and prosperity.


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