George Martin – quiet pop music genius

George Martin, the English record producer, composer, conductor, who became known as the fifth Beatle for his game-changing involvement in their early albums, has died. Unlike his music business colleagues he recognised in the Beatles a new pop phenomenon and went out of his way to nurture their output.

Born 3 January 1926 2.29pm London, England, he had an intensely private Capricorn Sun in the 8th opposition a determined Pluto in the financial 2nd house. His chart is dominated by two main configurations. One a Fixed T Square from a charming, artistic Venus in Aquarius conjunct his MC opposition to a musical Neptune square an obsessively conscientious Saturn in Scorpio in the hard-working 6th.

Even more significant is a creative, emotionally self-protective Water Grand Trine of North Node in Cancer trine Saturn trine a maverick, innovative 10th house Uranus, formed into an even more talented Kite by North Node opposition Jupiter on the cusp of the 9th for a worldwide reach in his achievements.   He had talents in abundance, luck, drive and the ability to endure.

His two creative Harmonics (5th and 7th) are strong; as is his leaving-a-legacy-for-history 17H; and superstar 22nd Harmonic.

His relationship with Paul McCartney and John Lennon was friendly and affectionate and key to their careers obviously. GM’s Gemini Ascendant was conjunct Paul’s MC and Sun; with GM’s lucky Jupiter and Venus falling in Paul’s performing 5th. GM’s Capricorn Sun was in John Lennon’s 10th, with GM’s musical Neptune in Lennon’s 5th.  Though the latter was a more troubled, complex relationship.  In both relationship charts there was a Uranus square Pluto suggesting a potential to revolutionize all three lives and the pop music industry in which they were involved.


Maria Sharapova – what raises up can also bring down

Maria Sharapova, the Russian professional tennis player who has admitted to using a banned drug on, she says, medical advice, has seen her lucrative sponsorship deals fall away. Last year she earned a reputed $30 million.

Born 19 April 1987 in Nyagan, Russia, with two suggested birth times of 3am and 2pm, she’s a Sun Aries trine Saturn Uranus in Sagittarius and a Sag/Capricorn Moon. So fiery, disciplined, a go getter.  She’s known as a powerful, aggressive and noisy player.

Her chart, otherwise, is riddled with quincunxes.  A Yod of Mars in Gemini sextile Mercury (Jupiter) in Aries inconjunct Pluto – will give her a ruthlessly competitive, controlling streak though the strain caused by the inconjuncts means it will act erratically. Bil Tierney says of this Yod: “ If mismanaged, this powerful Yod could suggest inevitable changes which may de-elevate the individual to a more frustrating level of obscurity and isolation.”

She’s also got Mars inconjunct Neptune – so again a sense of strain, of never really fitting in.

Although she’ll get a minor lift soon from tr Uranus conjunct her Sun/Jupiter midpoint she’s got a less than pleasant two or three years ahead. Her Solar Arc Mars will oppose her Neptune in 2017 which will be panicky and undermining. Solar Arc Pluto opposes her Mars, triggering her Yod, in 2018. And that’s worse – trapped, enraged, powerless; with a jolting tr Uranus conjunct Sun then as well. She’ll stay bullish throughout, but doesn’t look good.

RayTomlinson – a game changer

Ray Tomlinson, who invented email and put the @ symbol on the map, has died. Born 23 May 1941, he was ‘fooling around’ when he first sent an email to a neighbouring computer forty five years ago and changed the way the world communicates.

He had a lucky, inspired Jupiter Uranus conjunction in Taurus which was conjunct Saturn in Taurus on one side and a Gemini Sun on the other – all of them trine Neptune in Virgo. The Uranus Neptune trine is especially creative, giving rise to ‘eureka’ moments. It’s a largely Earth and Air chart so good at grounding ideas in the real world.

His leaving-a-legacy-for-history 17th Harmonic is strong with the North Node prominent which would tie him into the zeitgeist. His 11th Harmonic is also strong which is idealistic and imaginative with a powerfully aspected Mercury.

Nancy Reagan – Sun Mars Pluto in Cancer – the Dragon Lady

Nancy Reagan, a ferociously determined Cancerian, has died aged 94. Her 52 year marriage to former president Ronald Regan was once described as the US presidency’s greatest love affair.

Born 6 July 1921 1.18pm Manhattan, New York, she had a fractured childhood with her parents splitting just after her birth. Her actress mother went off to pursue her career leaving her with an aunt and uncle for six years; and occasional contact with her father was frightening.

She had her Cancer Sun conjunct Mars Pluto trine Uranus – so there would be a good deal of fear and frustration in her early relationships but it produced a backbone of steel for her later life. Her Leo Moon was in her 10th, suiting her for a public career.

She was very different from her husband with his laid back Aquarius Sun square Jupiter and placid Taurus Moon.

On the synastry there’s a series of mixed aspects suggesting it was not all as rosy as the public image suggested. Certainly his Jupiter in Scorpio was trine her Sun Mercury Mars Pluto –  he would boost her morale and bring her luck. But his Sun opposed Her Neptune; his Mars opposed her Pluto; his Uranus opposed her Moon; and her Uranus was conjunct his Venus. There would be all manner of glitches and irritations from those cross aspects.

But his Moon fell in her 7th which is positive along with his Saturn – so support and hard work involved. And her Sun Mars Pluto Mercury fell in his 7th (4.15am BT?) – so again a formidable partnership.

Their relationship chart had a lively, fun-loving composite Mars Jupiter opposition Mercury Venus. But Mars Jupiter also squared a composite Saturn Pluto conjunction; with Venus square Saturn. So there would be aggravations and unkindness as well as adventure in their lifelong partnership. But her childhood experiences would have made her used to enduring difficult situations. Compared to her father, 23 February 1894, a controlling and slightly mad Sun Pisces square Pluto Neptune, Ronald would seem like a dream. Her relationship chart with her father was dreadful with a composite Uranus opposition Neptune square Mars Saturn.

But the psychology will roll down the generations no matter how glitzy the exterior looks. Both the biological children had problematic relations with their mother. Ron has a 12th house Moon opposition Saturn square Mars; and Patti in her relationship chart with her mother a composite Moon Saturn Mars.   The two step-children who came into the marriage from Ronald’s marriage to Jane Wyman, referred to their stepmother as the Dragon Lady.

Turkey – stamping on the media

The Turkish Government’s repressive policies are escalating with the seizure of the country’s largest newspaper. President Recep Erdogan has been tightening his grip over the years since becoming prime minister in 2003. There has been widespread international criticism of his politicisation of the judiciary as well as moves against a free press. Early economic growth in his time in office has slowed partly due to the global situation but also to his habit of handing out business contracts as favours.

The Turkey country chart, 29 Oct 1923 8.30pm Ankara, has tr Pluto square and Solar Arc Pluto conjunct the Mars/Saturn midpoint in the 4th – so a time for the jackboot to be imposed on the populace. Tr Saturn is also exactly square the Pisces MC for the next two months which indicates setbacks, returning later in the year. Tr Uranus will oppose the 4th house Saturn from mid this year which will provoke more internal disruptions; and there’s a financial bubble-bursting Solar Arc Neptune conjunct Jupiter, exact in six months’ time.

The Bank of Turkey chart, 1 January 1932, looks completely trapped and very unsettled through the next two years especially, but over the following two as well.  Tr Pluto will conjunct the BoT Mars in Capricorn this year and next, as tr Uranus squares the Pluto opposition Saturn; and tr Pluto will square Uranus this year as well. So a patch of very rough weather indeed economically.

Both Recep Erdogan’s personal chart and his Presidency chart – 26 Feb 1954, 28 Aug 2014 2pm Ankara – have heavily undermining Neptune influences. His Presidency chart has a cruel/ruthless Mars Saturn conjunction in Scorpio which has closed by Solar Arc to exact now; as has the Solar Arc Sun opposition Neptune – so extreme actions coming out of weakness and panic. Tr Pluto will also square the Uranus on this chart throughout this year  leading to an unstable time.

His personal chart with a Mutable T square of Mars (Moon) in Sagittarius opposition Jupiter square a Pisces Sun Mercury Venus – is being chipped away at the foundations over the next three years by tr Neptune ins hard aspect to those planets.  And tr Saturn opposition the Jupiter now and again in a few months’ time, deflating his confidence.

Weak men take desperate measures.

Jerry Hall & Rupert Murdoch – the odd couple

The unlikely romance between leggy model and Mick Jagger’s ex, Jerry Hall and Rupert Murdoch, has now become a marriage – as of 12 noon today in London.

The wedding chart has a highly visible Sun on the MC conjunct Neptune opposition a comfortable 4th house Jupiter square a 6th house Saturn. Jupiter Neptune is high finance; Sun Jupiter is expansive and confidence-giving. The focal point Saturn may be a reflection of his age and it does suggest work getting in the way of pleasure. Maybe health issues which would hardly be surprising.

There’s an intense, possessive 7th house Moon Pluto trine Jupiter, sextile Sun MC and square Uranus. So coming across to others as a close, power couple. Though also a relationship that will move through various upheavals.  Mars in the 5th could be high enjoyment though since it squares Mercury might also include arguments with children.

Reprise from earlier post in January:

She was born 2 July 1956 in Texas, no birth time unfortunately. She’s a Sun Cancer trine Mars in Pisces, Moon probably Aries. With a super-confident, flamboyant Jupiter Pluto in Leo in a tough-minded square to Saturn in Scorpio. So quite a feisty lady with her Venus in social butterfly Gemini.

Oddly they do resonate reasonably well together at least in part with her Sun exactly conjunct his 7th house Jupiter and her Venus opposition his Sagittarius Moon.

Though it’ll be argumentative since her Mars is conjunct his Mercury and her Uranus is conjunct his 8th house Mars. And her Sun is conjunct his Pluto and square his Uranus so there could be explosions down the road if it holds through the early stages.  Mars Uranus can provide a magnetic sparkle initially but that then gives way to aggravation.  Though a separated lifestyle could help to overcome that.

Their relationship chart has a power-couple composite Jupiter Pluto trine Venus which suggests both are buoyed up by the prospect of an attention-grabbing adventure.  There’s also a composite Sun Mars maybe square Moon with Sun square Pluto – so very high energy, quite a power struggle for the upper hand. But it might be fun while it lasts.

Madonna – not for letting go

Madonna isn’t giving in over the custody fight for her son Rocco, son of Guy Ritchie. He’s now 15 and has opted to live with his father, having been previously with her in New York and on tour.

Born 16 August 1958 either 7.05 am or pm, Bay City, Michigan, she has a Leo Sun conjunct Uranus square Mars in Taurus and Sun conjunct Pluto on the other side. So fixed, enduring, incredibly stubborn and possessive.

This year tr Neptune is opposing her Virgo Moon and tr Saturn squaring it – so domestic and family problems, causing anxiety, paranoia and a sense of loss.  With tr Pluto trine her 9th house Mars (7.05am) giving rise to protracted and frustrating legal wrangles.

Her relationship with Guy Ritchie always was volatile with a composite Venus Sun Uranus Pluto conjunction – so instant affection, a real spark and passion which when it turned sour made the parting hostile and a real power struggle.

Mind you Guy Ritchie doesn’t look too upbeat either, 10 September 1968, with tr Saturn square his Jupiter through this month till mid April and then square his Sun in the autumn. Plus a ratchety, tension-erupting tr Uranus conjunct his Saturn from late June.

You’d think they could leave the kid to make up his own mind.

Swedish mini-Royals – both Sun Neptune in Pisces

Princess Victoria of Sweden has produced her second child, a boy, called Oscar, at 8.28pm on 2 March 2016 in Stockholm. Estelle, her first child, was born 23 Feb 2012 4.26am.

Both children have Sun conjunct Neptune in Pisces, so dreamers, kind and vague.  Though Oscar has his Sun opposition Jupiter in Virgo square Saturn (Moon) in Sagittarius – so he will have a serious side, be a worrier, not always contented.  Moon Saturn does suggest a working mother and he’ll undoubtedly be closer to his father emotionally.

Oscar also has Pluto in the IC square a 7th house Uranus – so the claustrophobic home life of a Royal may not sit too well with him and he’ll opt for more unconventional partnerships when he matures.  He’ll be quite a party animal with a 5th house Venus in Aquarius and keen to earn money with Mars in Scorpio in his 2nd.

Donald Trump University – a no brainer

There are lawsuits pending against Donald Trump for his now defunct Trump University (after early complaints renamed hastily as Trump Entrepreneur Initiative). See url:

His Solar Return for June 2015 does have Pluto in the 9th which can be legal wrangles as well making him more opinionated than usual. What might upset his applecart is tr Uranus square his Saturn in Cancer in late May/June and September which will be a considerable jolt for his future plans and his place out in the wider society.

Plus all the success/confidence and over-confidence influences focus around his 2nd house Jupiter with tr Pluto square and Solar Arc Pluto conjunct Jupiter. Pluto Jupiter can certainly bring a tremendous boost but it can prompt individuals to think laws don’t apply to them and backfire badly.

He’s got a fair run of high anxiety/insecure and enfuriating influences which could push him into over-reacting, from early May consistently right through till the election as tr Uranus bounces off several Mars midpoints.

Trump University as it was launched on May 23 2005 has Venus in Gemini opposition Pluto square Mars (conjunct Uranus) – which is seductively persuasive and ruthless. There’s high anxiety on that chart from mid this month onwards; with a major jolt as tr Uranus squares the Saturn in Cancer (exactly same degree as Trump’s) late May into June this year.

Just as a footnote: What Chris Christie was doing supporting Trump is anyone’s guess since they are hardly well matched. CC’s Sun Pluto in Virgo squares Trump’s 10th house Uranus; CC’s Mars in Cancer is conjunct DT’s Mercury; and CC’s Uranus is conjunct DT’s Mars Ascendant. So really at cross purposes. That translates in the relationship chart to an argumentative composite Sun Mars conjunction in an aggravated-dislike square to Saturn

Donald Trump & the GOP – not a match made in heaven

The Republican Party grandees are gradually coming to realise that they may be saddled with Donald Trump as a candidate, a prospect they’d have keeled over laughing cynically about a few months back.

There are two charts for the GOP – 6 July 1854 and 28 February 1854.  On both, The GOP Neptune in Pisces sits in Trump’s 7th house square his 10th house maverick Uranus, so a highly-strung connection with little trust on either side.  The GOP’s Saturn in both charts sits in Trump’s 10th so the Party will try to discipline him and curtail his wilder excesses.

The relationship charts between Trump and both GOP charts has very visible Saturn Pluto markers which tends to indicate a relationship chained together by circumstances which causes resentment. Which sounds about right. And the composite Neptune opposes Pluto Saturn – so doubt, suspicion, paranoia. With the composite Mars highlighted – so angry.

Over the 2017 Inauguration the tr Saturn in Sagittarius square Mars in Pisces will hard aspect the composite (Saturn) Pluto opposition Neptune which suggests deep gloom. Though that could be argued either way. They are appalled at the prospect of four years of the Donald; or they blame him for losing the election. Whichever – it looks a very unhappy partnership.